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All prices are per voyage (1-4 persons), not per person.  Up to two additional persons can be added at $60.00, each.  Per USCG Regulations, we cannot take more than six passengers.  Tours are scheduled to maximize your enjoyment on the water & subject to rescheduling due to weather limitations.  You never share the boat with anyone outside your group.  All listed prices include sales tax.


Captain’s Tip:  Schedule your voyage to coincide with the sunrise or sunset! 


1.5 hrs:  $260 (1-4 ppl) / $320 (5 ppl) / $380 (6 ppl)


A delightful guided tour of picturesque Gig Harbor filled with entertaining, local history! After passing the lighthouse we head out of the bay, cruising past the old ferry landing and historic tribal beach areas. We stop for a photo opportunity with the Tacoma Narrows Bridges in the background.  From there, we head over to Point Defiance….the perfect location for spotting wildlife!  We then return to the harbor for a full tour of the bay!



2.5 hrs:  $400 (1-4 ppl) / $460 (5 ppl) / $520 (6 ppl)


Get everything in the previous tour PLUS an an up-close look at the Tacoma Narrows Bridges and historic Salmon Beach!  At the famous bridges, we stop underneath to learn about their fascinating history.  Salmon Beach is not only historic, its one of the most unique communities you’ll ever see.  Non-alcoholic sparking blush will be served as you sit back and take in the scenery of these amazing sights only viewable from the water.  




3.5 hrs:  $600 (1-4 ppl) / $660 (5 ppl) / $720 (6 ppl)


This is the tour if you want it all!!! It includes everything offered in the above tours PLUS a whole lot more!  We’ll see the famous Wurlitzer Mansion and beautiful Wollochet Bay.  We circle quaint Tanglewood Island and its lighthouse, see the Fox Island area, and then check out Toliva Shoal to learn about its tie to the area.  Chambers Bay is next, and then back under the Tacoma Narrows bridges to take in the Galloping Gertie, Salmon Beach, and Gig Harbor tours!  LOT’s to see and experience!  (This tour is LONG, approx. 30 miles, and not suggested if younger children are accompanying.)




$280 first hour / $230 per hour after

(For up to 6 passengers)


Where would you like to go: The Foss Waterway, Olympia, Seattle, Blake Island, Poulsbo, or any other local area destination?  Engagements, special events, memorials, real estate property viewings, dinner cruises?  …we can do it, year-round!!!



Please check back often for regularly updated offerings!  Tide-to-Table Appetizer Tours, Youth Environmental Education Tours, and more are coming!!!

Scattering of the Ashes - We do lovely memorial cruises.  Please click on the "Memorial Services" button for full details.


Local Wildlife Tours - South Puget Sound is rich in biodiversity.  Depending on the season, we may see migratory sea birds and raptors, jumping forage fish, seals and porpoises.  Our wildlife tours will cover the local geology and environment that make these waters so vibrant with life.  Please note that we are not a whale watching vessel, and that if any are spotted it is coincidental and we will maintain our required distances from them.

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***All tours are subject to rescheduling due to weather***


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