On Time Tours and Charters is a culmination of many years of experience on the Pacific Northwest waters.  Ken and Gay, a husband and wife team, bring the best of two worlds together.  Gay worked as a tour guide for Gig Harbor Rent-A-Boat for over seven years and has toured hundreds of people in our local harbor.  When you finish a tour you will know which house was bought for $1.00, who Ralph was and where his party house is along with lots of other Gig Harbor facts, fun and history. 


Ken got his license from the U.S. Coast Guard after attending the Flagship Maritime Training Center in Tacoma.  No easy feat to have a Masters Captains license.  With that you are assured you are in qualified hands on the water.  He retired from UPS as a driver with over 25 years of safe driving meaning he never had an accident.  


So welcome aboard!  We will give you an amazing experience on our beautiful waters.  Our highlight last year was spending hours watching a humpback whale and a white sided dolphin right outside the harbor.  Let us help make your time on the water memorable. 


On Time Tours and Charters was hightlighted in the Peninsula Gateway.  Click the link below to read the article.